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we have one pet store here that has a california king for 99.99, when you can order online for 20 bucks, but then there is 35 shipping, sigh. the other pet store is not an option. they got in a huge amount of snakes. and turns out they were all wild caught and she let an RI spread through them from snake until they were ALL infected and some were spitting up blood. it was awful. and one had mites. she left em all in the room together.
i wish i could find some place where i could get a king or corn snake for a decent price rather than a hundred bucks for normal fifty fifty cal. king.
the added 35 for shipping doesnt make it too cheap. and i live right here in louisiana, where there are so many kings and corns around. you are right though, i forgot about internals. i do feel a LOT better about getting CB. just wish that i could find a place that would sell it for a decent price. no reason to sell them for hundred bucks.
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