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crude business practices by london reptiles!!!

hello all, Just prior to christmas holidays I seen a post on kingsnake regarding veiled chameleons for sale. London Reptiles had a 40 lot of veiled chameleons for sale, I immedialtly replied to the post stating my intentions of wanting to purchase the whole lot. London reptiles replied, stating that they, meaning the veiled chameleons will not be ready for two weeks and that they will be 22.50 each. I then replied back stating I wanted them all, and that I live in Nova scotia. Since they apparently never shipping animals, London reptiles asked questions on shipping, which I immediatly offered directions on shipping, including diagrams on how to properly ship reptiles across county via aircargo. Now since i assumed that i was to purchase 40 veiled chameleons from London Reptiles i immediately went out and purchased enclousers to house chameleons since they have special requirements that differ from other reptiles. This purchase cost me a few hundred dollars.
Two weeks go by and the I recieve an email from London reptiles that the veiled chameleons were ready but there was only 30 available, I immediatly replied stating I wanted all 30. two days go by and no response. Then I get an email from London Reptiles regarding some virus that attacks computors thru email address books, a virus that is not detected by Norton. In the email there was instructions which including ridding your comp of the virus and emailing everyone in your address book about the virus. I did this and by doing this caused alot of stress to my email associates around the globe. I then called Norton about the virus and they informed me that the virus was a hoax. A hoax to get you to delete important files from your computor. I immediately informed london reptiles about the hoax through an email but got no response. Then after almost week London Reptiles finally emails, not to appologize about the hoax, but to say to bad so sad, they sold all the veiled chameleons to 3 other wholesalers. But hey I could get some more off them in March.
Well after hearing about everything i just wrote, I was a little bothered by all this so I wrote to London reptiles about how i felt about this whole situation, and instead of sending me an appology, they write to me and basically told me off for sending an email to them and complaing to them about my ordeal. As if to say I had no right to email them regarding my disappointment in them. The went on to brag about all the professional business that they do, and so fourth. Never once did they offer an appology, no instead they get all deffensive over my email. I still think that they, meaning London Reptiles should have offered an appology. Personally if I had animals for sale and someone offered to purchase them, I would wait for them to purchase the animals and not go behind their backs and sell them to someone else because it was convenient at the time to do so. You dont lead someone to believe that in two weeks when your animals are ready for shipping they they can buy them and then sell them to other people. This is not good business practices and I would never do this.

thanx everyone, Mike
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