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XxRachxX: I'm sorry to have offended you with my comment, but it was definetely not my intention just a statement. How you associate it with disrespect, I don't know. The one thing I have the most respect for are animals especially snakes, I wouldn't own some if I didn't.

I said what I said because I really can't understand how an animal that thermoregulates can burn itself to death. To survive they have to constantly move to different areas to achieve to correct temperature needed at the time. This doesn't happen haphazardly when it's cold or need warmth for whatever reason it seeks it just like when it's too warm and needs to cool down it seeks a cooler area. Snakes are extremely effective at detecting temperature gradients and fluctuations, they almost see in "heat vision". So that's where I wonder. How or more WHY would a snake wrap itself a heat bulb and remain there till it died. It's not like it can't tell that the bulb is emitting heat and at some point the snake has to start feeling too warm and needs to get to a cool area. If the snake was found in the lamp's screened box and not around the bulb I could see it being trapped and not being able to get out. So, why does something like this happen? In MY opinion snakes are just not too bright. They sure don't have big brains and they live almost solely on instinct.

So I think snakes are stupid, I still love em and respect them and always will. And I still can't live without the dumb buggers.

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