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Hey everyone, I'll be honest, I got my year-old chocolate lab Willow a pair of these. They are great for when your dog has his/her head out of the window. Willow is an avid stick-your-head-out-the-window-dog, and to be honest, I got them because I thought they would look cool on my pup, however, they really do work. Firstly, I know it's bad to allow your dog to hang their head out of the window for two reasons; one, matter lodging itself in your dogs eye at 60 clicks an hour, and two, ears flapping in teh wind will cause an ear infection. The doggles are great for both of those two reasons, firstly, they completely cover the eyes, and secondly, the two straps that intersect on the back of the dogs head keep the ears from flapping in the wind (and most importantly, they really do look COOL.) I'll post a pic soon.
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