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Well everybody already said it but I have to say it anyway and thats Thank You. In my short few months here i have learned so much and everybody has been really awesome . I believe my overall care for my animals is much improved due to knowledge I've gained from everyone at this site. Advice from people here got my first boa,my stuborn feeder, to start eating. Advice from people here over time allowed me to build my new enclosures,which are sadly still vacant but only for a few months. I've had an amzing time meetng new people and hearing others thoughts. I respect everyone on here and their ideals and opinions. I've had more fun online since september than i have ever had online. If I'm lucky maybe someday I will meet some of you amazing people. But until then I say Thanks to you Jeff and everyone else on this site all the moderators and members and all the laughs and support. Very cool.
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