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who cares

Who gives a crap if he stages things? Do people care about him actually finding it or the snake/reptile? I personally want to hear, and hope others hear, about the actual snake reptile and most people could care less how he got it. I like it even more because it is mostly staged. That way at least we know a whole film crew + Steve isn't tramping through the bushes trying to find one little snake for a 5 minute spot on the show.

At least people are interested now! People *LIKE* watching about corcs and snakes, people want to turn it on and stay there, people know that its possible for these animals to have a real place on this earth...I think Steve does these things, so I watch.

And I hardly doubt the number of venomous snake bites has gone skyrocketing because he free-hands, it hasn't. And personally, I have yet to hear a story "I picked up that rattler mommy because Steve did"

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