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LOL alright I just had to respond to this thread. I read it, and decided I would stay out, but as more people began to slander him I had to step in . I feel, and this is MY opinion, that Steve is a REALLY great man. First of all, I really don't think his shows are staged, maybe he just knows where to look? Second, a lot of people stated he was irresponsible in the way he handled hots, and that he is displaying a bad example for herpers. Well honestly, if your stupid enough to even THINK about trying what he does, without his experience, well your stupid lol and should not even be NEAR such animals. Once I said this to my friend, she made a good point in stating little kids may try to do this. Again, if the parent is stupid enough NOT to tell their kids the danger in going near/touching these snakes, well what can I say. She (my friend) then said the kid may rebel and just really want to be like Steve, and ok I understand this. But in saying this, wouldn't that make it ok for a kid to shoot someone because he just loves the show Suprano's and wants to be JUST like big Tony? Or that it is perfectly safe to ride on the back of a bull because he wants to be JUST like the people in rodeos? I don't mean to start any conflict or anything of the sort, just stating my point *edited this part as I forgot to add it* Also, you have to realize he probably does such activities to grab the audiences attention, everything he does he has good intentions in them. Also as far as people saying he is "rude," somehow I REALLY REALLY doubt this. I mean I cannot see who someone who puts his life on the line get his point out, and who spends his whole life saving other creatures lives, could have a mean bone in their body. I just cant see it...

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