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Python and Boa pics

I didn't know where to post these as they are pics of both pythons and boas so here they are. There aren't many pics of me on the net so don't laugh too hard! Also, my brother couldn't take a clear pic to save his life so these are the only ones that turned out.

Adult female Red blood. She is in shed in this pic but it gives you an idea of her size. She was a crappy feeder when she was smaller so that's why she's not as big as other females out there. She's a great feeder now. She was produced in 1998 by NERD and was suppost to turn out as a bright red adult. In person she is yellow, brown and orange........She is in shed in this pic.
<img src="">

Albino female het Granite that I produced. She was the nicest albino out of the litter so I kept her......she's also got a wicked pattern too!
<img src="">
<img src="">

Female "Super Dwarf" retic. She was 3 feet when I got her 2 years ago. This is as big as she's gotten so far which is about 7 feet. Back in the winter she was eating 3 large rats per week to put some size on her for breeding. She bred but didn't produce eggs......there is always next year!
<img src="">

12 year old female Puerto Rican Boa. This pic was taken just before she struck at me. I like to complain about these guys a lot but they are alright. They've got their good and bad days. You don't want to see them on a bad day!
<img src="">

Another 12 year old adult PR Boa.
<img src="">

This isn't really relivent to the tread but this is a female ball I've got on breeding loan from Darren Hamill. She produced 4 fertile egg and 1 exceptionally hard slug. Usually slugs are soft and plyable (like a leather sac filled with silicone) but this one was rock hard.
<img src="'s%20white%20spot%20on%20eggs%206039.jpg">

A pic of the eggs. A slugs are very obvious!
<img src="'s%20white%20spot%20eggs%206041.jpg">

I had some more good pics but as I say they are all blurry!

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