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I'd like to see any one of you who judge him for staging his finds to make a one hour tv show and stay on budget. A few points I'd like to make...

1. If he didn't need to stage his finds, HE WOULDN'T. I've seen "selected" home movies of his where he is in the wild with his sister manning the camera and he acts NO differently.

2. His show is not only an education show, he also needs to be entertaining as well. Remember those old boring science films... I don't think they'd last 7 or 8 years on the air. So, his antics either suit your taste or not, but he's lasted longer than 99.9% of tv shows out there. That must mean something.

3. If there's any show out there that should curb their dangerous displays for the sake of children, It's the WWF (or WWE or what ever...). Think of the ration of kids who would try to free handle a hot vs the number who would try to suplex their little brother. My guess is it's like 10'000 to 1!!! You can only do so much before you have to trust that people are smart enough to judge for their selves.

And 4. I like him and if you don't, then fair enough. I hate Creed and their pathetic videos but that's just me. To each his own..

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