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I'm always late...

...I'm not totally sure what you are looking for, and me being an apprentice I can only say so much.
The best part of falconry is the hunting, and its actually hunting-not just sitting in a stand and hoping something comes about, but you go out and look for the animals. In fact me and Gary have plans to go out and see if we can't bag a rabbit or two. At the moment I have two Red tails, one (pictured) is missing her left wing due to an unknown accident, which me and my cousin with a stray lab found while herping. For the record we found two Spade foot toads and a Common snapping turtle. Anyways, after talking to a friend who's rehabber he agreed to take her while I went about getting permitted. Well, after I got the paper work filled out and turned in I met up at Administrating Agency for the examination. There are 100 multiple choice Q's and 3 sections,
Raptor Identification/biology, Maintenance in captivity and practices and regulations. Also you will have this on your test, ' You have to state what an eyass is (Bird not capable of flight yet) and will have to state how to handle them.
Hmm, I guess thats about it. Oh, youll need to make an 80 or better on the test.
As for hunting with my One winged bird (which is held on my falconry permits) we take her to a staged 'field' and set rats and young rabbits out. Then we set her after them, she follows the whistle commands as well as any of the other birds. She is only permitted to kill 2 rabbits in a setting and how ever many rats as she pleases. (to eat and bring back, I only require two and her to eat 1 or 2; all varies). Though she only has one wing, she is very fast and has little complications with catching rats, Rabbits is another story. We also got her recorded at vertically jumping 6.3'
If you have anything in general to ask, I'll try to answer.
Good luck,
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