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I have kept and bred garters in the past. They are pretty cool snakes. I'm sure you will warm up to them over time

I have kept them in both natural and "simple" tank set ups. It just depends on how much time you have to invest in their maintenance. The temps are pretty much the same as for corns, milks or most other colubrids; 75-80F cool side and 85-90F warm side. The basking light will help to keep a good temp on the warm side but isn't really necessary. It's up to you. As far as hides and water, they are the same as any snake, but you keep snakes, so you know all of that

Garters are great feeders! You can get them to eat fish, frogs, mice, worms or even home made food (not hamburgers and fries). If you want to know how to make a good home made fish based food, read the Alan Francis page. The snakes will go NUTS over this stuff!!!

Let me know when you get them. I'd love to see some pics. Good luck and email me anytime if you have any questions!
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