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Not Sites but may be useful...

I normally house Thamnophis in 4'x18"x12" enclosures and I use Potting soil/sand mixed as bedding -You can also use, Newspaper, butcher paper, or woodchips- for the water area I use a rather large water bowl that houses minnows (guppies for the neos) with an air stone. Also aids in humidity. Branches and stones are also used for climbing or hiding under. I keep the cool side of the enclosure at around 83-84F and the warm at about 90F The basking (which is determined by the height the climb) varies.The water temp is kept at about 75F. At night the temps drop to about 85F. You could use a heat lamp with a red/blue bulb or a pad to keep them warm, if temps drop below 83F.
As for feeding I use Minnows, Guppies, frogs, Earth Worms, Leeches, wax worms, white worms and the rarelt eaten pinky/hopper. I personally use UV (repti-sun 5.0) to aid the vit/min. I supply them. Also remember that frogs carry alot of different types of pathenogens and if you catch your prey items make sure its legal and the area is pesticidal free.
Hope this helps, Its all my personal care. Plus you may want to look around on
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