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Firstly, about Terri, I know she contributes more, she just annoys me so I was being stupid, don't worry..

Also, his documentaries were not actually recognized until only a few years ago (His first was actually in the early-mid 80's) so I harrrrdly doubt he makes 2 million dollars a year... with the exception of his movie I guess.

Anyway, I don't think anybody here has met him (yet heehee) so I really think we're not in any place to judge... any of our stories have been 2nd hand and we haven't been there when he's been filming a show. Until I've actually met him myself or met someone who hasn't just heard rumours/speculations and has actually experienced any of these things face to face with Steve, I'm going to keep my opinion on him that he's an enthusiastic, passionate herpetologist.

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