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Ok, I will be cautious in my posting here, as many of you already know of my reputation and my handling practices (shut up, Scott). However, What I do, I would not do on tv for millions to admire and aspire to duplicate. On the other hand, I recognize it for what it is (strictly entertainment) and I insist that there are far more damageing things on tv, that well meaning people who will damn the actions of a Steve Erwin, Bill Haast, or even myself, will buy on vhs or dvd for their children. So the bottom line (in my own opinion) is that Steve does some things that I would not be willing to do on a regular basis (but then I don't make 2 million dollors a year to do these things). But in defence of Steve, he does use some tricks of the trade that increases his safety (such as cooling and druging).
Ok, so there is my 2 cents. Change please!
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