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I think ill keep my personal thoughts of Steve polite.

Yes he has made a high awareness for reptile conservation. Yes the Irwins do attempt to Help the wildlife community in a whole.

But come on He needs to stop freehandling hot snakes. At very least use the proper tools there are kids watching. No matter how good he is someday he will get bit or more to the point some kid will get bit trying to be like him. I personally removed a coral out of two kids hands that said they were playing Croc Hunter. Yes the parents deffinately need to pay more attention to the kids, I know these kids parents will be thanks to a local PD officer who was there as well and had some choice comments to the parents. But we dont need someone showing them how to freegrab a hot snake on tv.

All the good you may do for conservation is not wourth the life of one person that attempts to be like you and dies.
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