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Animal rights activivist that explains a lot lmao.

I would buy that and not bet against it. I have posted several more articles and gosh gee imagine that they removed them. Including one that was giving advise to parents to research the information on the animal there child wants to buy and have the child research it also before purchasing.

This is getting to be a joke for me, I did contact AOL and was informed by them that the Host themsleves " APPEAR " to be in violation of the terms of service but it takes time to solve the problem , hmm sounded like snake droppings to me.

I also am Highly curious as to whom one of the Host is as all the links she/he gives to back his / her statements are directly to Melissa Kaplans care sheets. I am thankful for people like the ones here who obviously care about the herps and the questions asked.

Thank all

Scott Bice

The worlds most deadly snake is the one you do not see.
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