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yeah linds I guess they do look like 3/4. I'm stopping at 3/4 i think. i had cats a$$ syndrome at like a 6 guage ha and ended up basically scraping it out and bleeding all over. i stopped just shoving bigger guages through. that hurt too much. i started wrapping electrical tape around my 6's and gradually moved up. my latest pair i made myself. 1/2" wooden dowels painted black and then sealed with polyeurethane. i like em. and it was like 4 bucks as opposed to spending 40 for store bought. i also used the rest of the dowel or my snake cages. i basically had to re pierce my labret today. i had taken it out because of my job and lost it for like 2 months and i just found it today and shoved it through haha, I'll wait and get a ring again. luckily it never fully healed so it feels fine now. but man did that tickle at first.
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