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When pressed for space, I clear out my coat closet and use that for a quarantine room and have my mom keep my junk in her basement. Who needs Christmas decorations, giftwrapping supplies, assorted junk and a choice of coats when there could be a new herp in the house instead? And if my vacuum and mop and brooms have to lean in a corner of the bathroom, so be it.

I'm not a routine dewormer myself, but I have a few very close friends who are vets and they come to my house to do fecals and help me with my rescues so all my new herps are checked and treated only if needed. Why give the stress of processing a mild toxin on top of adjusting to a new home if it's not necessary? I realize not everyone has the luxury of house call fecal exams though.

I'll have to remember that Nix tip! Sure beats the heck out of all those Betadine soaks, Vapona strips and Ivomec. I don't trust Ivomec at all for herps, I've seen a fair number of them develop neurological problems, especially when given internally.
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