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Id trust the knowledge of the ppl in this hobby far more then any vet out there.
Knowledgeable Vets for exotics are rare, and most of them dont keep exotics themselves.
Friends that i know have used this drug for worming with great success, i have as well without a mishap.

We use horse dewormer, for snake parasites, we also use human headlice shampoo and cockroach spray, for snake mites.
I've been to the vets and thay charged me up the A$$ for ivomec injections (for mites) which didn't do a thing, I use a 5 dollar bottle of nix, and it gets rid of mites for years!
Never did i say it was safe, nor do i believe its unsafe. It just works.
I also use extra strength tylenol for headaches, but i guess i should keep that to myself as well.
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