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Has it been probed? (Has it been sexed)
Admission is $4 for neonates (Admission costs $4 for the kiddies)
Is that snake a cross? (Is it a hybrid snake?)
Is that a Tremper albino? (Is that leopard gecko descended from Ron Tremper's line of albinos?)
Look, that snake just gave me a 'strawberry' (That snake just flicked its tongue at me)
I need to go on a crix run (Drat, I am out of crickets and need to go buy some more)
I need Black Knight (I need some mite spray, not that horrible, horrible movie)
Stop the car, there's a dead raccoon on the road (Look, free food for the burm)

Something else I recently experienced is going to a health food store and trying to buy small amounts of different stuff to gut-load insects. Just watch their expressions change when you tell them that you want powdered bee pollen and sea kelp for MEALWORMS. lol
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