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OOH My other favourite Animal Planet show is MONKEY BUSINESS! Oh man, it's actually so hilarious, plus the zoo directors of "Monkey World" (the zoo that the monkeys live in) travel to different parts of the world to save monkeys that are being sold/traded illegally... I remember seeing one where he was searching for a little monkey girl "coco" or something like that, and within a few days he actually found her climbing on the top of a boat (a big boat) and was so close to falling in the water... When the owner came out he started hitting the monkey and the second that the owner turned away, the monkey ran straight towards the guy from the zoo (sorry if that made no sense, I'm getting sick lol) ... unfortunately he couldn't just run away with the monkey, and no matter how much he wanted to, he couldn't buy the monkey cuz he'd just be contributing to the entire illegal trade problem... what a dilemma! Anyway I think it's an awesome show even if it's not about herps, it's amazing to see some of the things chimps can do...

Make sure you check it out!

PS - Most Extreme is great too, I don't remember the last time I saw it though... hmm.....
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