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Question Bit of an Odd Question...

Alright, this is going to sound a bit nutty, but I need a bit of help with my english homework, lol! The assignment is to write a conversation using "jargon and slang" from any area/culture. A few examples being internet slang, southern slang and valley girl speak. I, being the snake obsessed dork that I am, decided to use "herper" slang. We need a dictionary of at least 20 terms to go along with the project. I already have a few, like "het", "1.1", "amel", "aner", "hypo", etc. Can anybody give me a few others along with their meanings? And maybe even a suggestion for a setting and a plot? (I was going to have the two people at a reptile expo, one about to buy a snake and the other trying to sell it.)

Once again, sorry for the oddness, but I just want this to be good! Thanks!
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