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Wow! There's a lot of passion flowing here, good to see. I'm going to have to take the naturalist approach. I have to agree with the blood situation being wrong. There are enough people breeding them in captivity to warrant a full stop on importations (in my opinion), and also with balls, and most of the more common herps seen in collections and pet shops around the world. Personally, I feel that importation should be stopped completely, except for the use of zoological education. Importing for a breeders personal profit and to expand their bloodline (a lot of people are gonna hate me for this but i'll live) is wrong, it doesn't benefit the longevity of the species and only seems to benefit the individuals pocket book. It makes more sense to me that by increasing the longevity of the species and support the herp hobby, that buying a captive bred from a different bloodline, in another state or province or even country would most likely be best for the animal. Any animal is better off being maintained and shipped properly by a carefull, careing breeder, than flying halfway across the world is the cold steel belly of a plane. So to those who feel it's ok to import, i'd urge you to put yourself in the animals scales, would you wish to be ripped out of your home, to sit scared and cold, inside a vibrating airplane with 30 or 40 of your brothers and sisters for hours on end, only to have it stop momentarily while you're transported to a car for sometimes hours on end, get to an importer only to wind up in a big room with invisible (glass) walls that won't let you out? Sounds a lot like rape to me. Or would you rather be shipped from a breeder in a heated transport pack without other lifeless bodies slamming up against you, to get to your final destination and be left alone to adjust in another one of these big invisible wall holding cells that you're already used to. This is only the beginning of this issue for me and i think i'll stop now as this post is getting long and i'm sure i've angered a lot of people.- The following post was an opinion expressed by myself and in no way reflects the opinions of (had to put that in there, lol ) Thanks for the great topic guys.
"One hour from now, another species of life form will disappear off the face of the planet, forever, and the rate is accelerating.." - excerpt from Megadeth's Countdown to Extinction

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