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This may sound like a silly question but I feel I must ask it. For those of you who use a "quarantine room" or "quarantine rack" and have more than one specimen in quarantine wouldn't it be possible the 2 or more specimens could simply continuously spread contagious agents, bacteria, and mites to one another for infinity. For example: you have a ball and a corn in quarantine, and you got them on the same day from the same store. You notice the corn has mites, you treat it, and put it back in it's nix'd quarantine enclosure, and then you decide to treat the ball cause you got it at the same store, while you cleaning snakes and cages isn't it possible the mites could spread to the corn before the ball is treated? (not sure if this makes sense to anyone, could have maybe worded it differently) Anyhow I know it's not possible for everyone to separate everything into it's own entire room (this is what I do but then I also have a small collection).
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