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Why HENDRIX...of course.............

Well folks!!

Heres MY list, dont forget Im kinda old so I have actually seen some of these bands, though not Jimmy(*sobs and tears*)

#1. Jimmy Hendricks

#2. Miles Davis

#3. Aretha Franklin

#4. Minnie Ripperton

#5. System of a Down

#6. P.O.D.

#7. KINGS X (Before they went corporate)

#8. Beatles

There you have it, alot of blues and soul, as WITHOUT African American Blues and sould music NONE ofthe stuff we listen to today would have ever come about. ALL popular music in this country owes its heritage to delta blues and soul music from slavery times. Period.

Lots of good rock bands and a few I left out(Jars of Clay) etc etc but that sums it up

Fred Albury
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