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Well, let's at least be a little fair here. Sure, he handles the snakes in a manner that makes it appear "easy" to the general public. However, he DOES say, over and over agian, that no one should ever attempt to handle a venomous snake, or any snake for that matter. There is only so much a person can do on a show about animals (besides giving the warnings that it is very dangerous). I think he also gets very......what is the word I am looking for.....enthusiastic (sp?) about what he does. But, that is a large part of what has made his show a success (after all, you DO have to sell the show to advertisers to get the funding to make the shows.....who wants to advertise on a boring show that no one will watch???)

I would jump at a chance to go work at Steve Irwins zoo in Australia. I would sell my house and move there in a New York minute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, just try to keep in mind that most of the people that are watching these shows are not really "into" herps like we all are (here and on similar sites), but rather are the people that just like to see unusual things. Hell, we like to watch Cops too (some of us do!), but we don't want to hear a long lecture on the laws that are being enforced. We just want to see the action. Only the people that are paticularly "into" herps care that much about the real information about the specific animals.

This is just my opinion, so take it for what it is.
"To truly rescue an animal one has to provide long-term care that guarantees the animal's security for its natural life, because rescuing is more than removing an animal from a bad situation. Rescue involves restoring and preserving the animal's dignity for its natural life without stress, and this includes conserving the species as a whole for generations to come." (Brian Werner, founder TMLF / TCWR)
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