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I remember an article in the Ottawa Citizen questioning whether or not Steve was a phony or whatever... It really annoyed me at one point because the writer said that Steve only ever does a noble thing once in a while like relocating a croc once in a blue moon... A lot of people don't know what Steve is up to while not on the air, he has an entire program for Australian wildlife. While I love watching the shows where he's got the reptiles on, I really respect how he loves and respects every animal, no matter how big or small. His enthusiasm always keeps me interested and I think that people need to realize that the show isn't his whole life. I've talked to a girl who used live in Beerwah and she said that whenever he was out and about, he was always so lively and cheerful, saying hi to everyone and anyone. She said that the locals grew tired of his cheeriness... Of course, as someone else said that was just third person info, but as you can see there's a lot of contrasting opinions.

As for Jeff Corwin, I can't stand the guy... I know somebody said that Steve treats the snakes like they're toys, but at least, unlike Jeff, he doesn't hold all of the snakes he catches by the head, letting the rest of the body dangle... (I've seen this on 3 different occassions...)

Well that's just my opinion, of course I might be biased seeing as I'm going to Australia to work at Steve's zoo next year Lol, oh well, I think it's going to be an experience and a half, even if Steve IS fake or whatever.

Have a great day, guys
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