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BTW Jason h and Dan - great posts - extremelly good points!

I HATE WC OR CH but we need it wether u like it or not! Ch is a bit better than wc but not that much .. as long as the demand is there the animals will be ripped from the wild .. all u can do is choose not to buy a wc or ch .. but sometimes its hard .. I can tell u out of all my colection, I only bought one ch directly from a wholesaler .. and personally I was impressed with the wholesaler ..

I am not namming names, but I was impressed at how clean a 75 gallon tank with over 1000 anoles was .. don't get me wrong I saw a couple of dozen of dead animals but out of the probably 15000 animals he had, the care was good..

Not encouraging the wholesaler by no means, simply stating that the wholesaler needs to be there and some are much better than ppl think .. better then what I though since I had been to one previously..

MAHHHH Freedom of choice - buy what u want to buy - theres not much else u can do.

just my 2 cents
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