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Personally - I do not medicate as a routine but as I previously stated b4 Linds thread .. I do think that it is a good idea if you know what you are doing ..

I beleive Linds was simply stating her husbandry and did not by any means imply that this the way you should do it as well .. its simply her way of doing it and again, I think its a great way of doing it!

I have a box full of different medication and treatments for my snakes .. If I choose to medicate and treat my snakes and post about it .. it is simply my descision and this applies to the one snake I have .. not the snake a new member has .. A new member, as previously stated by grant VG would require a vet visit to aquire such meds..

I am not vet nor i'm I qualified.. wether u choose to do or not do what a "mod" in this case does is a choice or a risk you have to make on your own ..

lol like the old saying says .. If i throw myself off a bridge, would you follow??

(Si il se jette en bas du pont .. es-ce que tu vas le faire aussi..)

lol its actually a french saying but anyway!
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