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I am all for captive bred but too be honest if we did not make a demand for CH then there would not be such a large market for them.

Every reptile show I have been to you have people selling beautiful captive bred Ball pythons that he or she have incubated, patiently started feeding and probably put at least 6 to 10 meals in them. They are happy and healthy and will make someone a perfect pet or future breeder. They are selling them for $150 to $200 a peice.

Right beside this person or right down the hall there is someone else selling Captive Hatched Ball Pythons that have not fed or never will, thin, dehydrated and so on. They probably cost the vendor $10 and he or she is selling them for $75 or 2 for $100.

Which one do you think sells out every time?

I think in some instances in species that are not bred in captivity on regular basis there is no way around it. With balls, boas, bloods and many others there is no reason to bring animals in from the wild anymore. Additionally due to the small amount of money that one can get these CH animals for they tend to be looked at as something you can just throw away. You bought 100 for $1000 so if half die before you sell them its O.K. because you still make a pile of money.

I worked in the pet industry breifly when I was a teenager and going to University. This was back in the days when people would collect marine fish using cyanide. You could by a box of cyanide collected fish for the price of 2 net collected animals. I used to open the boxes and look at bag after bag of dead or dying marine fish. After a few of these sessions I had to quit. They do not use cyanide to collect ball pythons but how many thousands die before we buy what is left of them.

I do not mean to preach but this stuff happens and by buying WC or CH you are driving the market for these animals. I myself have bought these animals and have spent the time to get them eating and healthy, it takes alot of work and patience. Since that time I have become more aware of what these animals go through and what really goes on at many wholesalers facilities and have decided not to support this part of the hobby.

Just my thoughts.

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