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I do my best to quarantine everything as good as i can, however i didn't always used to be that way when i first got into the hobby. After a few careless mistakes, mites,etc...and the knowledge i have gained from all of our members. i am much better educated and use and have used products like nix, black night, provent a mite, fenbendazole, etc...

With new specimens, especially WC's, i have followed a pretty basic precedure.
When animals first come in. i put them in a rubbermaid already soaked with a nix solution, then spray the snake. let them sit in peace for a while i set up there enclosures. nix the enclosures, very simple set up with paper towel (so i can spot mites if there are any) ceramic water bowl, a couple plastic hides, thats it.
Once i think the snake has spent the neccessary time in the nix'd rubbermaid (which is in the bathtub) i place the snake in its quarantining enclosure, which is just a rubbermaid rack away from my established collection.
i also, spray the floor, and surrounding area with Black night. i havn't got up the guts to spray the actual snake with a cockroach spray, and instead have used it as a barrier between both sets of animals.
Plus it takes care of any unwanted cockroachs
If i ever have a situation of definate mites. I use Provent a mite for immediate WAR. one spray and then i continue with nixing every day, untill i decide the problem is gone.
After the animals have settled in and have fed atleast twice, ill fenbendazole each and everyone, like linds, without hesitation. Usually two doses of 90% of the reccomended dosage (100mg of fenbendazole/lb) 14 days apart.
So far i have not had a problem and no one has ever showed signs of illnesses.
If a newcomer happens to treat with this drug with no prior research, and just because a mod or member posted about it ,its not anyones fault but there own.
You could say the same about force feeding. A new comer could try that and damage a snake, so should we not talk about that?
Its up to the individual to make there own decisions. If they choose to forcefeed without asking how or when it should be done, then its there carelessness, and they probably shouldn't be keeping reptiles. We all have to learn somewhere. and its all of our responsibilities to research our actions before they are implemented. if not, animals die. But deworming snakes and the meds we use is an important part of keeping healthy snakes.
Its worked for us, and everyones practices are whats being asked, so this is mine.

I also treat each animal with fenbendazole, and have had no problems. and yes casacrow, we both use the safe-guard paste. i would prefer something liquid, because my rats blow up twice the size when i inject them with the paste, but thats life.
Grant van Gameren
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