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panacur is fenbendozle, and no it isnt safe for just routine actions IMO. How do you know whats wrong with your herp?? Are you a vet? (thats not sarcasm, its an honest question)
I medicate my own herps but its basically never. If i get a new reptile (which i dont anymore as my collection is very large as it is) Il monitor them before administering anything. I can't justify giving any drug to an animal before knowing what iam doing.. I dont fly blind.. Sorry just my point of view.

*** one thing to be careful with. I know you dont do it intentionally, but i guarentee if a newcomer to these forums sees the names of drugs that a mod uses, regardless of the mods knowledge someone may make a very crucial mistake while administering a drug they know nothing about!! So keep that in mind when choosing words like routine in the same line as the drug name..*** is offline