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very good thread and very good points.

As for me .. I have a basement to work with and that is it... Generally, all the animals I have, i have had for a really long time so they are all kept in there onwn cages in the same room .. Unfortunetly I have no filters but I would be interested .. I don't know where I would put it but i think it would be a wise investment to look into .. I generally do not treat a new animal Unless I have reasonably very good doubt that it has what I think it has .. so basically i do not do an initial shot gun treatment with the animals .. although i do agree its a good idea but i choose not to do it unless the animal stops eating or apears to have a problem..

As for quarantying .. its hard with one room .. I simply wash my hands with a alchool based had cleaner and wash my hooks and tongs in between .. If i had more than one room - then i would corectly quarantine but space is not available..

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