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Linds, thats a good point about the alcohol, we do the same. and we use Black knight spray forpossible mites and other skin parasites. Best of luck with your future snake rooms. You could never have enough rooms for the kids, We use hepa filters that you could find just about anywhere, but the Ultra Violet filtration we use comes with the ionize/ozone filter. It works like a miracle! You can't detect a single odour and the U.V. should kill almost all airborne germs. I think we are gonna stop using the Hepa, since this filter does it all. The company nake is Biozone and they are located in the U.S.
Their product impressed us so much that Helena and I are negotiating with them to distribute and sell the products in the near future. They are a bit pricey, but worth it. Hopefully we could get things rolling and be able to offer them at a more affordable price.
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