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Fenbendzole is the name of the drug, Panacur is just one of the many manufacturers names it goes by. I don't use Panacur brand, so why would I say that? It is a very safe drug to use, and suitable for <i>routine</i> worming schedules. Just like dogs, cats, and horses, it is good (and commonly practiced by many breeders) to have reptiles on a routine worming schedule. I personally don't worm mine routinely. They get an initial treatment when I aquire them, and if problems arise in the future (such as increased gut flora, etc) then I will treat the animal again. It is not like flagyl or any of those harsh drugs, it is gentle (yet effective against a broad spectrum of parasites) on the animals and there is no harm in using it as a shotgun treatment or as part of a routine maintanance program. This is one of the most common practices in industry.
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