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I'm saying no war because good people die and get hurt. I know it will happern but when WWIII comes along who's going to survive?? No one because everyone has their own nucs and crap. Everyone will end up dying. I am not looking on the dark side, just how things will end up. It does not matter if you go and fight over seas or if you stay home and fight. Everyone will be involed even if they don't want to be. And no one will be on anyone's side. Look at all the mass destruction (sp?) weapons almost EVERY country has, how meny would survive?? Somepeople may say WWIII come on arn't you being a little extream?? No I don't think I am. If the USA starts a massive war, then Canada will be on it too and if Canada is in it then there goes everyone. I'm not saying Canada is better I'm saying that once we're in we have enough friends AND foes that everyone would jump in. And as for boarder jumpers being cowards, I respect your opinion I just thinks it's not always right for everyone who jumps. But as I said we're all going to end up killing ourselfs off, so it does not matter where you are. So in general I'm saying this whole out of hand thread is just moot. Everyone will ALWAYS disagree with someone else, and in this case it does not matter. And I totally agree that Australia has awesome herps!!
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