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Good topic...

Well, being that I only have *one* room to work with (my bedroom), I am running a higher risk. I am careful with the animals I bring in, if I feel the animal is too risky I just don't buy it. I have an air filter in my room to clean the air. Each animal (whether I've had them for years or days) has their own set of equipment (bags, sponges, etc). I do share tongs and snake hooks, but I sterilize them well between each animal. All newcomers are treated with fenbendazole to treat any possible parasites and also with Nix to prevent any possible mites from making their way into my collection. Between handling/cleaning each snake, I spray my hands and arms down with 99% isopropyl alcohol 3x then I was with antibacterial dishsoap.

Hopefully by summer I will have different living arrangements. I will have two rooms, a snake room and I will be able to turn my bedroom into quarantine only
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