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Tai Pan1:
This will probably alienate me from some people here but that is life,
First of all, thank you for serving our country. Thank you for defending my freedoms that I enjoy on a daily basis. Thank you for having the testicular fortitude to put your life on the line, for the freedom of all Americans. I have nothing against Canada at all, but believe me folks, you would be the first to hide under our apron if, and the way it looks now, when, the real **** hits the fan. Being as neutral as Switzerland sounds real nice until you need the USA to pull your *** out of the fire, and you will if things keep heading down the path we are on. My Father is an immigrant from Ireland who fought in WWII in the British Army with the Royal Irish Fusiliers 2nd Battalion. I am not in a great hurry to leave my family and go risk my life in a foreign land, but someone has too, and If called, I guess it would be time for a nut check, and I would go, PROUDLY.
The rest of you can take that how you want to take it.
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