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I know this is really sick and wrong, and i agree with you all completly! Escpecially the whole pet rock thing, but the still is too hard for him to take care of, he might drop it seeing that he also is not very gentle with any of his animals! so maybe a pile of dirt? Anyways, yes Linds, it is the same person. Gosh i wish i would have just reported him! I feel so bad now! I thought to myself, i should report him, my family told me to and everything! And you know what is weird, i was telling my friends that very day i found out she died, that i was going to report him, thats why i went to his room to see if the snake was in the same condition and she wasnt there.... and the whole story. But when i got home that day was going to seriously report him, but i felt terrible that it had been too late. I mean, we were the best of friends, so it is really hard to do that to somebody, even though i hated him at the time! I know you will probably say but they can keep your identity hidden, but I KNOW he would know it was me! I am the only one who really really cared about the snake and loved her to death! Maybe i can still make him pay for what he did! Uggh! I hate him! And then, he was all like, laughing about it like it was no big deal! not like seriously laughing but chuckling, but most of it was at me, because he thinks that is funny that i argue with him, even if i am deathly serious! Well, i am blabing along here, so i better stop now. I will see what can be done to make him pay, you all have my word!

ps. Thanx Don, I know snakes dont really have feeling feelings, (yes i meant to put 2) but they can suffer by being abused and like you and the others said, all animals have rights! Also, I have tried SOOO hard to talk to this man, but since i am 13 and he is iin his 40's he will never listen to me! He never had, and he never ever EVER will. Everytime i would try to tell him how sick his snake was, he would say " Oh J, She will be fine! I have stuff here i can treat her with!" then when i would really argue with him, he would laugh, and say to the kids standing around us, " Gosh, listen to her! *laugh laugh laugh* he is rediculous, but like i said, i will see what i can do to make him pay! i dont care if he hates me for it, i already hate him, so its not like we are going to be friends anyway! well, babling again. bye all.

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