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I have read all this and hung on every word many of us have through our forebearers given so much to ensure what we have now!"Never has so much been owed to so few by so many" Sir Winston Churchill The youth of today get to see live on tv the true cost of war,they know what lies ahead, were the youth of the past only saw war in still pictures that were sensored this all changed with Viet Nam and live footage. We must draw a line against the darkness no matter the cost not just for ourselves but for all who will take our place in the future.

We must stand as one world one planet united for there to ever be a future.To have come so far and to have learned so little, we cite the struggles of the past and yet we have learned nothing!We can cure deadly disease, grow crops in barren unfurtile lands feeed the starving, house the homeless,and yet we can also kill one another.As much as our humanity got us into this it is only our humanity that will get us out.

"It is said that the future is always born in pain.The history of war is the history of pain.If we are wise what is born of that pain ,matures into the promise of of a better world.because we can no longer afford the mistakes of the past" (J M S)


“You know its funny I was thinking about what you said. The preeminent truth of our age is that you can not fight the system. But if as you say the truth is fluid that the truth is subjective then maybe you can fight the system. As long as just one person refuses to be broken refuses to bow down” “But can you win?” “Every time I say NO”
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