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Unhappy missing day gecko...

argh!...last night i went into my herp room to find that my day gecko's (1.1 adults) had opened the cage and escaped. i found the male right away..he was sitting next to the i chased him up and down my walls for about 10 minutes and finally grabbed him...but he gave me a nasty bits and made me bleed a tiny hurt more than you would now theres one down, and one more to go..but she's no where in sight...its a small room...and the door is always she MUST be in the room right?....*buzzer noise* WRONG! we stripped that room clean and she was no where to be found...the only way she could've escaped was either the vents (which is super bad!..cuz she could now also be in the walls/vents) or when i opened the door to go in and get something..she could've dashed i've been looking since then allllllllll over my house is big (not bragging...i hate people who brag) it's about 6000 square feet, so thats alot of area to find a gecko thats less than a foot long...not to mention all the vents and i guess im just going to have to wait and hope to god she re-appears...i'm going to do what reverendsterlin told me to do and set up a plant with a water dish beside it and check it now and then...OH...and........shes also gravid!..she should have 1 or 2 eggs in her tummy too!...if she lays em somewhere in the house..phht..they'll just die and wont hatch mad/sad...and i want my baby back!!!!!

thats my story,
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