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What would you consider "snake abuse" ?

Ok, Somebody I know, not going to say who, let his snake get infested with mites, then she got EXTREMELY skinny, then she got some kiond of skin infection, AND she had a respritory infection ALL AT THE SAME TIME!!!! Now, i told this person take it to the vet! No, she will be fine! Besides, i dont have the money! he said. I told him 10 times that if you dont take care of it, it is going to die. Nope, she will be ok he said. Well, she was like that for weeks, suffering in a cage that is 5 times too small for her! Well, i saw him on monday and i went to look at his poor snake, she wasnt in the room. I asked where she was and he said she died!! OOOOOOO, Now i was REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY mad at him! Well, i just wanted to know, do you all consider this abuse just like i do? Do you think this man should own any animals at all? I just had to get this out on paper, or somewhere. If you dont want to answer, then dont. But please, realize all animals have feelings, and NEVER let you snake go like this man did! Im sure all of us herp lovers know that snakes have feeling, but some may need a reminder! Never know, but anyways, thanx for looking.
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