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With reference to the whole "which country is better?" debate, I'd just like to mention that Canada is a much safer place to live in.. I don't know if anyone here saw Michael Moore's "Bowling for Columbine" documentary (if you haven't, you really, really should), but he showed that Canadians have more guns per household than Americans, yet the gun to murder ratio in Canada is an extremely large amount lower compared to the states. Now to me, I feel that a country in which I can be free, safe, and make my own desicions in is the best one to live in. (make sense?) I don't mean any offence to anybody, but when I go to America I don't have the same comfort level as when I'm in Canada... I haven't experienced anything negative while there myself, but it's a general feeling that I, and many other people I know, have when we go there. And hey, stereotypes and generalizations all start from somewhere right?

As for the war/draft issue, I'm pro-choice so whatever you guys feel is fine by me. People shouldn't take things so personally... tai_pan, it's fine to have your own opinion but just because somebody doesn't feel the same way you do, it doesn't mean they're completely despicable. It seems you live by the old "Everyone's entitled to my opinion" notion.. oh well to each his own, right?

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