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Originally posted by Them and Us
World War I , World War II were fought in defense when hard evidence was produced that we were in trouble. Pearl Harbor being the catalyst for our involvement in World War II
With this reasoning , we should wait until Saddam uses chemical, biological, or nuclear weapons against us, then we attack. This is unacceptable to me. The kind of damage that can be inflicted by these weapons far out weighs the damage done at Pearl Harbor. And it was this same type of reasoning that lead to the attack in the first place. We sat idly by as the Japanese invaded China and the rest of the South Pacific, inflicting untold millions of casualties. We and the rest of the world are guilty of the same isolationist attitude when it came to the Germans and 6 million Jews lost their lives.

the simple fact that Iraq has nuclear weapons and tortures people does not make it so we should go over there and attack.
This is true. But it is a well documented fact that he supports terrorism and supports the destruction of the US. Remember, he pays the famillies of Palestinian suicide bombers $25,000.00. He has no fear of using weapons of mass destruction against his own people. Why would he refrain from using them against us?

I do love this country. I don't want to really live anywhere else. i do like it here. but we all have our opinions and my opinion that this particular war that's bound to happen is ridiculous and I won't take part. i won't be drafted.
Not wanting to be drafted or go fight a war is understandable. I served four years in the Marine Corps and I did not want to go to war either. I dont think the majority of people do.

we all have our right to say what we want .as of now anyway.
Remember why you have that right and your others. Your rights are covered in the blood of the men and women who fought in the past. Is it right for you to slip across the border to avoid fighting and let others do the fighting, and possibly die? Then to come back when all is said and done and enjoy the same freedoms that those who fought and died lost? Or those that stayed behind and contributed in what ever way, small or large, enjoy? I think not.

They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.

Benjamin Franklin

If you do not want to be drafted, pick up your telephone or write to your congressman and tell him your feelings.

I did not sacrifice four years of my live in the Marine Corps nor have I spent risking the last 5 and half years of my life as a law enforcement officer protecting those who would not stand in the service of this nation if called to. Now I dont mean you have to go fight and die. I personally would not force anyone to do that and I am against the draft being reinstituted. But I would ask everyone to contribute in some way. I just can not stomach anyone who would turn their backs on their own country in time of need.

Just keep in mind, the world as we know it is not a friendly place. With the advancements in technology, it has gotten alot smaller and as such, much more dangerous.

This was not meant as an attack against you but an offer of opposing opinions in an effort to continue this dialogue in a constructive manner.
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