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World War I , World War II were fought in defense when hard evidence was produced that we were in trouble. Pearl Harbor being the catalyst for our involvement in World War II and The Zimmerman Note in World War I along with other things for both of these. the simple fact that Iraq has nuclear weapons and tortures people does not make it so we should go over there and attack. I don't agree with torturing but how about one of these african nations thats stones women to death for adultery. we are not threatening them. plus i just find War asenine. i do not agree with it . if its for defense fine let it be. for independance from a foreign oppressor then i'm for that. but because one has massive weaponry does not give us the right to tell them they are wrong and we are right and we will punish you. I respect that you love your country and served in the marines, a have a good friend in the marines and one in the navy. that is their choice. I do love this country. I don't want to really live anywhere else. i do like it here. but we all have our opinions and my opinion that this particular war that's bound to happen is ridiculous and I won't take part. i won't be drafted. we all have our right to say what we want .as of now anyway. I apologize If i have offended you. it was not my intention.
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