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I think this whole thread missed the point. I think the reason it was posted is because the person didn't want to go and die in some country. I don't blame them. War scares the he11 outta me. As for your saying that their self-serving and that, and that the men back then weren't. That may be the fact for back then but they also didn't have near the weapons they do now and also they didn't know the side effects that war and the weapons can have on a person. I hope that it never comes to anything like war for us. But you also need to realize EVERYONE has their own feeling and thoughts, they may or may not be wrong but NO ONE has the right to say their wrong. And NO ONE has the right to make people feel bad because they don't want to go to war. My grandfather was in WWII and it did NO good to him. I don't blame people for not wanting to go to war. And just because they don't want to does NOT mean they don't love their country.

Just my 2 cents.
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