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Well, tai pan1, I'd have to say that draft vs. volunteerism and traditional war vs. a war on terrorism are very separate issues.

My family has a long military tradition and we are proud of it. My paternal grandfather carried shrapnel in his lungs from WWI for over 60 years. My mom nearly had to give birth to me alone because my dad was in the Navy. Fortunately he was granted a short leave and arrived at the hospital just minutes before I did. My uncle Buddy came home from the Korean war with a Purple Heart and a bride. My uncle Joe came home from Vietnam with several medals, but the war was very hard on him and he seldom talks of it so I don't know the details. We are very proud of these volunteers who gave so much to their country. We are also proud of 2 of my cousins who are serving in the Navy right now.

Nonetheless, my brothers are in their 20's and we are scared crapless that they might be sent to the Middle East. Kooks and terrorists don't get stopped by traditional military efforts if conflicts in Northern Ireland and the Israel/Palestine areas are any indicator. Folks pop out of hiding, perform their atrocities, and go back into hiding while innocent people die.

I'm all for the CIA and similar intelligence/spy agencies taking out Hussein, but I am deathly afraid of the bloodshed and suffering a traditional military effort to do so would cause and fear for my brothers' safety should it come to that. I would think none the less of them should they choose to evade the draft. However, I would be proud of them should they choose to volunteer, full knowing the risks they would face. Whatever their choice, I would support them with all my heart.

I believe the choice should be up to them, not Congress and the Chiefs of Staff. Not every young man is capable of giving his all for his country, but that doesn't mean they don't love the United States of America in their own way.
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