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This entire post has made me sick! First, I served in the United States Marine Corps for 10 years and am proud of it. Second, I am proud of my country and what it stands for. Alicewave, if your sick of it, leave! See if you can travel the world and find a better country. I can guarantee that you can't. As for all you whiners complaining about getting drafted, don't worry. This country will never institute the draft unless our shores are threatened by an enemy. It would be political suicide and that's not what the politicians go to Washington for.

I am thankful however that previous generations of young American males did not have the same self serving, self involved, self centered attitude that the young males who posted here have. If they did, we'd all be speaking German, Japaneese, or Russsian. Thankfully young men rose up and fought, and yes died, to preserve American ideals of freedom and democracy. And before you tell me it's all about oil, it's not. At the present time, the industrialized world gets less than 3% of it's oil from Iraq. Yes there are huge reserves there, but there are huge reserves elsewhere as well. Should anyone "forget" what this is actually about, I ask you to revisit what you were feeling on the morning of September 11, 2001. That's what it's about! Saddam is a fanatic who will do anything to stay in power and increase his power. He has used chemical weapons on the Iranians, he's used chemical weapons on his own people, he has anyone that he believes is even slightly against him executed. It is even documented that he has raped women in public. These are all documented facts. It's obvious that the man is not playing with a full deck, and now he is developing nuclear weapons.

Imagine how you'll feel the morning you wake up and find out that a small nuclear device was detonated in Buffaloe, or Groton Ct. I'm sure you guys will be the first yelling "how could we let this happen?" "Why did the CIA, FBI, President, military (take your pick) let this happen?" It will happen because of the attidude of individuals such as yourselves!

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