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what!!! How can you say captive hatching is a good thing!
Take savannah monitors for example. A gravid female is collected and held until she drops her eggs, then is re-released into the wild in the SAME general area that every other collected specimen is released into, and most dont survive!

WC and CH is exactly the same and are both just as destructive to the animals. and then! the eggs are hatched and the babies (mass produced) are sent to various pet stores cramped into small tanks and still the fatalities raise as quite a few reptiles have a high mortality rate as juviniles!!

I honestly believe if you feel the need to purchase a WC animal you should breed it to promote captive breeding.

I would give up all of my reptiles to see WC collecting become illegal. We dont need them as pets so badly that we have to destroy their natural life cycles for our own amusement!

just my two, well maybe sixteen cents. heheh is offline