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I whole heartedly agree with you on your point. My entire wish was to hear what the credentials of the person giving out the advice was . Even if all they said was they only had 2 ,5 10, 15 years. Unfortunately it seams as though instead of trying to help and answer a simple question all they could do was pull the add saying it was disruptive, I do have thank god some of the best vets IE keepers with many years under their belt helping me when i need it and do so appreciate all their hard earned free time they share with me.
It is a true testimate to the love these people have for the hobby that most would help out someone else just because they care about the animals they keep.
and yes ive always asked them the same questions i asked in my posting and have been amazed at how they told me freely and openly its something they are proud of as a rule. I guess though some people arnt or maybe there hiding something who knows lol.
Thanks Jeff
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